Any Other Vlog

“Guys, not everyone’s gay!  Most notably, me!  Not gay!”

“Yeah, not everyone’s gay.  Except for me.  I’m gay.”

“And I’m pan, and Frankie’s agender demisexual.”

“Tabby’s bi.”

“And Romy’s asexual.”

“So actually, everyone’s gay!”

“How does it feel to be a minority?”

Any Other Vlog is a web series adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, with a twist: the genders of most of the characters have been changed, and it is told from the perspective of Benvolio and Mercutio, AKA Bianca Montgomery and Marcy Harley.  While Bianca’s cousin Romy begins a romance with Julian, a student of a rival school, our main characters have their own problems to deal with, including their own romances.

Classification: The Gang’s All Here

The only recurring straight character on the show is Romy, and she herself is asexual.  In the above quote, protagonist Bianca announces she is not gay, but a later crush on a girl proves she isn’t quite straight either.  Everybody else has a specific identity, and they talk about them multiple times through the series.