The List

The Adventures of Jamie Watson (and Sherlock Holmes)

  • Eliza Selden, biromantic heterosexual
  • Hope Jefferson, lesbian
  • Irene Adler, aromantic asexual
  • Jamie Watson, bisexual
  • John Barry, biromantic demisexual
  • Mary Morstan, lesbian
  • Sherlock Holmes, unspecified gender and aromantic asexual
  • Stanley Hopkins, transgender male
  • Victor Trevor, gay male
  • Violet Hunter, bisexual
  • Wendy Hooper, pansexual
  • Wiggins, genderqueer

Any Other Vlog

  • Bianca Montgomery, WLW
  • Frankie Laurence, agender and demisexual
  • Marcy Harley, pansexual
  • Romy Montgomery, asexual
  • Ross Sinclair, gay male
  • Tabby Crow, bisexual

All for One

  • Ariana Henries, WLW
  • Connie Bonacieux, lesbian
  • Dorothy Castlemore, bisexual
  • Portia Vallon, pansexual

The Autobiography of Jane Eyre

  • Mary Rivers, lesbian


  • Carmilla Karnstein, lesbian
  • Danny Lawrence, WLW
  • LaFontaine, non-binary
  • Laura Hollis, lesbian

Call Me Katie/Nothing Like the Sun

  • Annie James, unspecified orientation
  • George Bates, MLM and questioning
  • George Gleeson, gay male
  • Will Sanders, genderfluid

Classic Alice/Musica Mundana

  • Cara Graves, lesbian
  • Lily Oh, WLW

A Document of Madness/The Better Strangers

  • Paulie Hathaway, MLM
  • Rose Crantz, bisexual

From Mansfield with Love

  • Frankie Price, demiromantic demisexual
  • Tom Bertram, gay male

The Glad Game

  • Nancy Furman, bisexual

Green Gables Fables

  • Blake Jonas, WLW
  • Phil Gordon, WLW (pansexual or bisexual)
  • Priscilla Grant, asexual
  • Roy Gardner, MLM

The Grey Tarmac Road

  • Cyrus Crow, aromantic asexual
  • Leone Jinjur, genderfluid
  • Lin Thropupland, bisexual
  • Trudy Whyatt, questioning orientation

Like, As It Is

  • Adam Gardner, MLM
  • Audrey Clemmens, asexual
  • Celia Frederick, WLW
  • Felix Touchstone, bisexual
  • Orlando Deboys, pansexual
  • Phoebe Shepard, WLW
  • Ross Grant, agender
  • Silvia Corin, lesbian

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

  • Fitz Williams, gay male

Mac and Beth

  • Beth Gruach, WLW
  • Fe Macduff, unspecified gender
  • Mac Glamis, WLW

The March Family Letters

  • Beth March, asexual
  • Meg March, WLW
  • Joan Brooke, WLW

The Misselthwaite Archives

  • Phoebe Sower, bisexual

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy

  • John Darling, MLM
  • John Smee, MLM


  • Eleanor Tilney, WLW
  • Isabella Thorpe, WLW
  • Jamie Morland, WLW

Nothing Much to Do/Lovely Little Losers

  • Bathazar Jones, gay male
  • Chelsey Long, WLW
  • Paige Moth, lesbian
  • Peter Donaldson, bisexual

Project Green Gables

  • Anne Shirley, WLW


  • Sunny Lot, biromantic asexual

The Soliloquies of Santiago

  • Des Omah, transgender woman
  • Jacob Santiago, MLM
  • Morgan Othello, bisexual
  • Rodrigo Souza, MLM

Twelfth Grade (or Whatever)

  • Anthony Capozzoli, MLM
  • Foster Page, unspecified gender
  • Liv Belcik, bisexual
  • Maria Waites, pansexual
  • Oren Douglas, bisexual
  • Sebastian Messing, transgender male and MLM
  • Tammi Belcik, lesbian
  • Vic Caius, MLM
  • Viola Messing, questioning gender and bisexual

The Writing Majors

  • Oscar, gay male
  • Will, MLM

Words from Wilde

  • Bosie Douglas, MLM
  • Connie Lloyd, WLW
  • Fran Harris, lesbian
  • Robbie Ross, gay male
  • Oscar Wilde, bisexual