April Round Up – Announcements and Questions

It’s been a big month for our web series kids, and we’re here to catch you up!

Pollyanna Whittier (left) and Jane Bean (right), discussing their chemistry… homework.

The Glad Game has introduced the character of Jane Bean, their female equivalent of Jimmy Bean.  Seeing as it has been confirmed that the series will attempt to adapt Pollyanna‘s sequel, Pollyanna Grows Up, and in that book Pollyanna and Jimmy begin a romantic relationship, it seems likely that our Pollyanna and Jane are destined for something other than just friendship.

Meesha Rikk, the lead actor in The Candle Wasters’ new series.

Bright Summer Night, an adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the third Shakespeare adaptation by New Zealand web series creators The Candle Wasters, seems to be turning out much more diverse than their previous two projects, in many fields.  Besides the racial diversity among the main actors, they have cast a bigender (non-binary and demiboy) actor as the lead, as well as at least one other genderqueer actor.  Along with that, it has been confirmed that their Demetrius and Helena will both be female, and as the characters end up in a romantic relationship in the play, it seems likely they will be together in this version as well.

The long awaited Blake Jonas (left), with her girlfriend Phil Gordon (right).

After much anticipation, Green Gable Fables has finally introduced the character of Blake Jonas, the love interest of Phil Gordon, on screen, in a video where they discuss how they’ve changed over the past school year.  Unfortunately, as the series seems to have ended, it seems this will be our only interaction with her.  Loved you while it lasted, Blake!

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.13.26 PM
Aubrey Carey, who played Rose Crantz, will be the lead of The Borrowers That Lend’s new series.

For fans of A Document of Madness, it has been announced that the series’ accompanying channel The Better Strangers will continue on, with a second season based off of As You Like It beginning in August.  Rosalind will be the established character of Rose Crantz, while Celia will be her best friend, Jill Stern.  Unfortunately for Rophelia shippers, the actress who played Ophelia in the first season has not been announced as part of the second season’s cast, and so it seems Rose’s crush on Ophelia will not be resolved, and Ophelia will not be Rose’s Orlando.  Rose has already been established as bisexual, and the character of Paulie Hathaway, who has expressed interest in both boys and girls, will return as well.

Anne Shirley (left), Trudy Whyatt (middle), and Vic Caius (right).  The gang’s all here, and probably queer.

All in the same week, three literary web series characters have confessed the possibility of them not being straight.  First, Vic Caius of Twelfth Grade or Whatever admitted to having a crush, with the two possible targets being his male best friend Curt Slender and the genderfluid Foster Page.  A few days later, Anne Shirley of Project Green Gables told her bosom friend Diana Barry that she had a crush on her, though it seems that Diana is straight, and the crush will not be reciprocated.  Finally, on that same day, Trudy Whyatt of The Grey Tarmac Road explained to her friend Leone Jinjur that she could possibly have feelings for genders other than male, as she had never really thought about it before.  Let’s hope these kids manage to figure things out!